Warehouse Damage Prevention for UK supermarket giant

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Tesco approached Rack Armour Ltd for a warehouse damage prevention product. Due to increasing racking damage, with over 290 forklifts and lollops operating at one time, damage was an inevitable occurrence, and with the average cost of a racking leg replacement at £400.00 per upright, effective protection couldn’t come soon enough.

“The New Daventry Grocery Depot distributes to all UK stores explains Simon Harris, Project Manager at Tesco , “with over 5 million pallet movement’s each month at this one site, racking damage does occur , which is detrimental to the warehouse operation”

“To help us to reduce & prevent racking damage within our operation, Tesco trialled a number of racking protection products, the trial identified that the Rack Armour product was robust and easy to install, as well as a cost effective solution to warehouse damage prevention”.

“We have now had the guards installed on over 6500 uprights for more than a week, and we have already seen a dramatic reduction in racking damage, I would whole heartedly recommend this product to other’s looking for a solution that not only works, but is clearly the most cost effective product available.”

Tesco trailed other warehouse damage prevention products, including the latest products on the market to find the best solution for them, and in the end Rack Armour was the obvious choice for quality, cost, and having the most established product in the market.
“There are a number of pretenders to Rack Armour’s crown out there in the market” explains Richard Nelson, Marketing Co-ordinator at Rack Armour, “and they usually have an Achilles Heel in relation to the Rack Armour guard, a serious design flaw to warehouse damage prevention these other products are they can easily be dislodged from the upright by forklifts and lollops, the last thing you want in a busy warehouse is to find your so called protection is lying idle on your warehouse floor, these stray units have the capability to cause serious harm as projectiles to both employees and handling equipment”.
Tesco’s is another blue chip company to be added to Rack Armour’s illustrious list, and they are in good company, with the likes of, IKEA, DHL, Mercedes Benz, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Toyota, Superdrug, Pound land, ASDA, Coca Cola, Nestle and B&Q whom have all had the guards installed for years.

“Every customer has different wants and needs from the Rack Armour guard” says Jenny Charlton, Director of Rack Armour “one customer will rave about the guard being able to work in conditions as low as -40 degrees, whilst another’s are impressed that it fits all types of racking and is inter transferable between different racking systems, it has countless benefits all working towards making the best warehouse damage prevention product!”

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