Floor Protection

  • Lower repairs and maintenance cost compared to metal barriers
  • Reduces vehicle impact damage and downtime
  • Greater employee safety and driver protection

The perfect solution for damage at low levels due to order pickers. The Rack Armour Low Level Barrier is made from our innovative ballistics grade materials which takes knocks and bumps from MHE that would otherwise render your racking or shelving damaged. This barrier is extremely popular with picking areas where forklift trucks don’t operate, giving you a small yet extremely effective obstacle for all MHE.

Easy to install, these low maintenance polymer bumpers, don’t rust, corrode, fade or require re-painting, and only need replacing after frequent, major impact has occurred.

The flexible bumper design absorbs the load of impact, away from a vehicle and ground fixings to reduce damage and repair time, unlike metal bumpers.

Available in a range of striking, high visibility colours that are easily detectable, preventing damage and accidents before they happen.

Fully recyclable, non-toxic and suitable for use in food production and freezer environments.

Tech Data Sheets

Datasheet with metric data (Millimeters & Celsius) Floor Rail Bumper Datasheet Datasheet with imperial data (Inches & Fahrenheit) Floor Rail Bumper Datasheet


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