EV Charging Point Protection

  • Strong and robust impact protection for charging points
  • Three standard product packages available
  • Domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • Bespoke solutions can be created on request
  • Cost-effective coverage for valuable assets

Electric vehicle charging points are a significant investment. We can offer you a range of standard and bespoke packages to protect them from impact damage.

Our range of impact protection for EV charging points, provide a comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for valuable asset protection. We have a wealth of experience providing these impact protection solutions for global clients, and have seen a significant increase in demand for these systems.

We offer a range of standard product layouts, which between them cover a number of different applications and vehicle types:

  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty

Should you require a bespoke solution, we are more than happy to accommodate this. We can advise on the ideal layout of this due to our extensive experience with designing and installing these impact protection systems.

Please note that any lamp posts within a 2.5 metre radius of an electric vehicle charging point must also be protected to meet the current Health and Safety legislation. Our team will be able to answer any questions that you have about these products.

What's in the range?

We provide three standard product options, which are as follows: Light Duty Ideal for private and small public car parks where domestic vehicles are the primary source of traffic:
  • 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts
Medium Duty For industrial and larger public car parks, when there is a medium-to-high risk of impact damage and where light industrial vehicles (such as electric vans) are going to be using these charging points:
  • 2 No. ImpactSAFE Protection Posts
  • 1 No. Commercial Wheel Stop
Heavy Duty When there are larger industrial vehicles, such as HLGVs and HGVs, being used regularly in the surrounding area – a higher level of protection is required:
  • 2 No. ImpactSAFE Bollards
  • 1 No. Commercial Wheel Stop
  • Armco Safety Barriers (Optional)
Bespoke Solutions We have the capability and flexibility to create custom solutions to suit the exact requirements of your projects. This can range from non-standard colours to suit client branding, to additional signage and protection for surrounding sign / lamp posts, etc.
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