Specific Barriers for specific impact risks

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Our racking safety products are made from a ballistics grade HPDE and tested to the highest industry standards.

Our upright protector and barrier range are truly one of a kind for warehouse protection products.


Below are some of the different products that we offer:

Pedestrian Barriers

The standard 3 rail pedestrian barrier provides simple yet protective segregation for pedestrians. Where there is a higher chance of a collision, add a single bumper to increase the level of safety. Where high traffics areas of MHE’s and pedestrians meet, add double the protection with two bumpers for the ultimate warehouse barrier.

Bumper Barriers

The floor rail barrier is the perfect solution to damage at floor levels. It is anchored to the floor and can take knocks and bumps from MHE. The next level of protection is the single bumper barrier. Its cylindrical tube offers greater deflection and a stronger resistance to impacts. The highest level of protection is the double bumper barrier, offering a tough defense for bespoke lengths.

End of Aisle Barriers

The single rail barrier is an all round solution to end of aisle racking damage, able to take multiple impacts and reform to its original shape. The double rail barrier gives a more solid protection to rack ends, and is also a highly visible indicator to those operating MHE to avoid the initial impacts.

All our barriers are bespoke, so if you have plans to protect your warehouse and need specific sizes, look no further than Rack Armour® and Brandsafe® barriers.

Contact us now for more information on which product would be most beneficial for your needs, on info@rackarmour.com