Warehouse barriers that don’t cost the earth.

Warehouse barriers perform a somewhat straight forward task in a warehouse. They are there to create an obstacle that prevents movement or access. Modern barriers such as the Rack Armour® and Brandsafe® plastic barrier systems are no different; they are there simply to protect and prevent catastrophic impacts from occurring.

Whilst designing the barrier ranges we decided not to get drawn into a battle of marketing terminology and fancy names for the product. Instead, we concentrated on creating an efficient, tough product range that doesn’t cost the earth.

Like most great product ranges we started with the basics. In this instance this was our end of aisle barrier for pallet racking protection. Word soon spread of the efficiency and pricing of this range of barriers, and we soon had major brands contact us looking for alternatives to the “overpriced” plastic barrier systems they already had installed on site.

Since then we have developed an extensive pedestrian barrier range which, like all our products is both efficient and extremely cost effective.

warehouse barrier

We’ve been inundated with dozens of businesses wanting to move from their existing barrier provider for a more cost effective yet equally practical option. Something we’re delighted to say we’ve helped out with on every occasion, and still continue to do so.

Put simply, if you want a product that works, is reasonably priced and looks the part, the Rack Armour® and Brandsafe® barrier range is for you!

Rack Armour® returns to ProMat 2023

Rack Armour® returns to ProMat as the world’s leading impact protection for racking uprights, with a new USA range of industrial products, already used widely across Europe.

Rack Armour®, from its location on Stand N6636, will return to ProMAT to display innovative products and solutions for the logistics, material handling, and industrial sectors across the USA. These range from impact protection of racking and storage systems to warehouse recycling solutions, labelling, visual management signage, and more.

Along with Lean Inc, USA master distributor, Rack Armour® will exhibit the world’s best-selling upright protection solution which guarantees an 80% reduction in racking damage. Made from ballistics grade plastic, the outer shell of Rack Armour® is shaped to divert impact energy around the rack leg instead of through it. Any remaining impact energy is absorbed by the interior foam until it’s diffused. This twin action protection uniquely helps maintain the structural integrity of the racking system – which saves tens of thousands of pounds in damage repair costs. Lean Inc will be happy to discuss USA reseller opportunities for this fantastic product which provides an 800% proven customer ROI.

Beaverswood®, a leading manufacturer of visual management and recycling solutions, will be on hand to showcase its latest products to potential USA resellers, such as the award-winning racksack® mini. Available in many sizes, this waste segregation solution is perfect for shelving, smaller racking areas, and workbenches, picking stations, desks, and more. Additionally, Modulean® rack end shadow boards, an innovative way to transform redundant end-of-aisle racking space into working space, will be displayed. All of this, plus Beaverswood®’s well-known offering of high-quality warehouse labels, aisle and bay markers, document display, and floor marking, will be on show.

Rack Armour® and Beaverswood® are part of IWS Group, a group of industry-leading companies, cutting-edge in their own fields of expertise, while working collaboratively to provide outstanding services and solutions in the industrial workplace. Lean Inc is the master distributor in the USA and is actively looking to onboard more distributors across the USA for both Rack Armour® and Beaverswood®. We will have several representatives from Lean Inc, Rack Armour®, and Beaverswood® on our stand, ready to explain how these innovative products can best support your organisation.

Specific Barriers for specific impact risks

Our racking safety products are made from a ballistics grade HPDE and tested to the highest industry standards.

Our upright protector and barrier range are truly one of a kind for warehouse protection products.


Below are some of the different products that we offer:

Pedestrian Barriers

The standard 3 rail pedestrian barrier provides simple yet protective segregation for pedestrians. Where there is a higher chance of a collision, add a single bumper to increase the level of safety. Where high traffics areas of MHE’s and pedestrians meet, add double the protection with two bumpers for the ultimate warehouse barrier.

Bumper Barriers

The floor rail barrier is the perfect solution to damage at floor levels. It is anchored to the floor and can take knocks and bumps from MHE. The next level of protection is the single bumper barrier. Its cylindrical tube offers greater deflection and a stronger resistance to impacts. The highest level of protection is the double bumper barrier, offering a tough defense for bespoke lengths.

End of Aisle Barriers

The single rail barrier is an all round solution to end of aisle racking damage, able to take multiple impacts and reform to its original shape. The double rail barrier gives a more solid protection to rack ends, and is also a highly visible indicator to those operating MHE to avoid the initial impacts.

All our barriers are bespoke, so if you have plans to protect your warehouse and need specific sizes, look no further than Rack Armour® and Brandsafe® barriers.

Contact us now for more information on which product would be most beneficial for your needs, on info@rackarmour.com

Pedestrian Barriers – Safety through segregation

HDPE is one of the most versatile materials available today. It’s used in countless applications around the world. HDPE is simply a strong plastic. Its amazing properties are partly due to its internal structure, and partly due to the way it’s made into fibres that are knitted tightly together.

Plastics are now used more often in modern applications, for example plastic bumpers in the automotive industry. This is due to its impact properties. Our barriers are no different. They are capable of receiving multiple impacts, without compromising the safety of the racking and/or employees.

This impact resistant range of protection solutions are easy to install, and are low maintenance as polymer barriers, don’t rust, corrode, fade or require re-painting, and only need replacing after frequent, major impact has occurred.

The flexible barrier design, absorbs the load of impact, away from a vehicle and ground fixings to reduce damage and repair time, unlike metal barriers.

Available in a range of striking, high visibility colours that are easily detectable, preventing damage and accidents before they happen.

Fully recyclable, non-toxic and suitable for use in food production and freezer environments.

If you want to find out more about the Rack Armour® and Brandsafe® barrier ranges click here.


Rack Armour® has been protecting the racking of some of the world’s biggest brands for well over 18 years now. In that time, not much has changed from the original design; a simple HDPE shell paired with a closed cell foam interior.

But why is Rack Armour® so popular? What makes it different to the many other plastic products on the market? One main difference is the closed cell foam interior.

So why foam?

Rack Armour 08

The foam inside a Rack Armour® unit is what makes the product perform so well when a direct hit is registered. The foam is made up of a dense closed cell polyethylene which renders most large impacts ineffective, in turn reducing rack repair costs significantly.
Other plastic protectors on the market can’t utilise this combination, which gives our product an obvious advantage. Without the foam, any plastic protector is simply only good for deflecting impacts away from the upright.

Rack Armour® is now sold in over 80 Countries and manufactured on three continents. If you would like to receive a free sample please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rack Armour are still taking orders!

We may only have skeleton staff in the offices and the warehouse at the moment, but we realise that some businesses still have to carry on, so Rack Armour are here to support those who are still looking after their warehouses.

We understand the difficult times we are experiencing at the moment, but we know some warehouses can’t just stop; Businesses within the food industry, within the pharmaceutical industry, these are crucial to everyone right now and Rack Armour are working hard with these types of businesses to make sure their warehouses are still safe.

So if your warehouse is still running, and you need to make it a safer place, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

We have brochures available to send on request, please contact info@rackarmour.com.

Business as usual for Rack Armour

Rack Armour are still managing to ship out products, usually without any issues. Of course we cannot guarantee that every single shipment will arrive on time, especially if shipping overseas, but so far the courier services we use have been a great help, and we have had no delayed or returned shipments.

If you need to protect your warehouse and make it a safer working environment, please do not hesitate to contact us, at info@rackarmour.com. The team are happy to help with any requirements, and can recommend the products which would be most suitable for your needs.

Only a few days left until Modex 2020…


Manufactured and distributed all over the USA & Canada, Rack Armour is proven to save you up to 80% in rack repairs.

You may have come across a few plastic protectors in the past, but let me explain why ours is the best product:

  • Made in the USA – Our product is made in Corry, PA. Many other plastic protectors are made and shipped from the UK, China and Australia into the US.
  • Foam/plastic combo – Rack Armour is the only guard pairing a hard plastic outer shell with a shock diffusing foam inner.
  • Sold in over 100 Countries – Rack Armour is now sold in well over 100 Countries, cementing it as the world’s favorite next generation rack protector.

Visit us at booth #4211 to find out more on how you can try a free sample of the product, and save money on costly repairs.



Only 3 weeks to go now until Modex 2020, held at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

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Christmas shutdown


Our offices will be shutting down over the Christmas period. We close our doors on the Tuesday 24th December at 12pm and open them in the New Year on the Thursday 2nd of January at 8.30am.

Please try and send all orders over by Monday 16th December, as the last date we will be shipping any orders is Wednesday 18th December.

We wish all customers, new and old, a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.