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Rack Armour can now unveil our newest range of warehouse barriers! The Bumper Barriers and Pedestrian Barriers: segregation and safety combined!

2015 has already been a substantial year for Rack Armour. Earlier this year we entered the market with our end of aisle barrier range which has long been a request from our upright protector customers! Once we started this venture we always intended to let this grow into a complete warehouse barrier portfolio! Now it’s here!

The Bumper Barriers are simply designed for protection and Warehouse Barriers Double Bumper Barriersegregation for Fork Lift Trucks. Not to be confused with our double or single rail end of aisle barrier, this warehouse barrier can be extended to whatever length you require and is available in a single or double rail option to meet your visual/strength needs.

The Pedestrian Barrier is also designed for warehouse segregation but is better suited for pedestrian areas and has therefore been designed to prevent people easily stepping over the barrier standing at 1.15m tall.Warehouse Barriers Double Rail Pedestrian Barrier

All ranges of the pedestrian barrier have been designed with our own gate system which is fitted into the barriers and can be built to whatever length your needs require.

For simple pedestrian segregation our standard pedestrian barrier is the perfect product. It is highly visible, offers minimal intrusion to warehouse space, but is strong enough to give a resistance defense if required.

To segregate high traffic FLT areas and pedestrian areas you may require added protection, that’s why we combined both our bumper barriers with the pedestrian barrier to create the single and double rail pedestrian barriers.

Why not combine your warehouse barriers with our new Rack Armour Bollard! a stand alone protection product perfect for doors, corners and columns. warehouse barriers bollard

Why choose plastic?

Metal barriers Like metal upright protectors are very much an old fashioned product. Being unforgiving on impacts may seem like a good characteristic but in reality it doesn’t take long until they bend break and rip up the floor fixings, don’t forget the constant repainting required to make them stand out!

To create the tough outer shell of our warehouse barriers, we manufacture with ballistics grade polymer, designed to hold persistence of shape through its flexible nature, meaning it can take hit after hit without becoming dented or damaged! The HDPE polymer is a flexible material, unlike metal it has the ability to absorb impacts preventing energy ripping up floors and resting against the rack. Don’t believe us? Click here and check out the video! This demonstrates the minimum requirements of rack protection as set by the European Standards and SEMA guidelines… simply no match to our barriers which flex and soak it all up!

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