Visit Rack Armour at MODEX 2016

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Rack Armour will be showcasing the best possible modex 2016protection to pallet racking damage at booth #1451

From the 4th-7th of April We will be at Modex in Atlanta Georgia.

Click HERE for information about the show!

Our team will be moreYA8O9761 than happy to show and talk you through the many features which make Rack Armour the best of its kind!

With proven cost savings of up to 80% in the world’s largest retail companies, Rack Armour is an attractive proposition for any warehouse with pallet racking.

Rack Armours outer shell is made from an exceptionally resilient and hard wearing plastic designed to take high velocity impacts. The shape of the shell was designed to repel and deflect impacts away from the upright, in turn reducing damage significantly.

Something that sets Rack Armour apart from its competition is its closed cell foam interior. Acting as a cushion between the racking and the plastic shell, the specialist foam diffuses impact energy and diverts the kinetic energy away from the racking upright, saving you money and time on a replacement leg.