Rack Armour, accept no imitations in upright protection!

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Rack Armour – World leading upright protection.

The Rack Armour name is synonymous around the world for quality and service, we have been revolutionising the upright protection market for well over 7 years, selling in over 50 countries and manufacturing on 3 continents.upright protection

Rack Armour has been trusted with the protection of pallet racking uprights of some of the world’s largest blue chip companies, reducing racking damage by as much as 80% or more annually.

With Rack Armour being the market leader in upright protection it’s understandable others would like to emulate their success, this unfortunately has been done by a UK based company using our glowing customer references and images. Any “lookalike” products without the Rack Armour trademark shield/name does not perform like the genuine article and the two should not be confused.

Rack Armour is one of the few racking upright protection products that has been subject to strenuous testing by independent leading consulting engineers (Cardno Pty Ltd), far exceeding front AND side impact safety requirements set by FEM 10.2.02., please note this is a must for any rack upright protection product.

Customers’ comments on Rack Armour

Nigel has been ‘amazed’ by the amount of time, trouble and money he’s saved by installing Rack Armour in his operation. In this centre, 3600 Rack Armour have been installed with only six damaged uprights reported in the last twelve months.

Nigel Madison, Logistics centre Maintenance Manager, B&Q.     B&Q and Rack Armour

“We had the system installed during the new build of our 888,000 sq ft distribution centre, the installation was flawless and now after 5 years, it has saved us tens of thousands of pounds in preventing damage to our uprights.

Just looking at the Rack Armour today you can see it has taken a lot of impacts and is still doing its job.
We have the lowest racking repair costs in the entire group, so I can easily recommend to anyone that it’s a very worthwhile exercise in fitting Rack Armour”

Dave Horton, Warehouse Engineer, DHL    .Rack Armour and DHL

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