Racking Damage Causing You a Headache?

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Racking damage happens on every warehouse site which has pallet racking, this is a fact! but what can you do to stem this flow of accidental damage which is often caused by the MHE? (Mechanical Handling Equipment)

 How Our Upright Protection Can Reduce Racking Damage.

One way to significantly reduce your racking damage on site is to install Rack Armour upright protection. Installed by simply clipping onto your existing racking leg, Rack Armour is fast, easy and clean to use. (Especially as you don’t have to drill holes and bolt them down)

Rack Armours vibrant colour aims to stop impacts that cause racking damage from happening in the first place. This benefit alone will reduce impacts on your site as older metal systems are drab and dull, making it hard for MHE drivers to see there safe working limitations.

There are numerous benefits to the Rack Armour system but we think the best way to customers is to try the product for free. To get your free sample click here and enter your details.

If you would like to find our more please emails us at info@rackamour.com or call us on +44 (0)1226 78 44 88.