Rack Armour flexible barriers and bollards

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flexible barriersModern day flexible barriers offer a host of benefits over their metal counterparts. One of which includes an extended life span due to their persistence of shape and absorption qualities.

But what are the other less obvious benefits of plastic flexible barriers?


Something which often goes unnoticed with barriers are how hygienic they are. Old metal systems become breeding grounds for mould and germs as they hard to clean and often rust. Rack Armour’s flexible barriers are wipe clean and food industry approved, leaving you safe in the knowledge that Rack Armour isn’t only protecting you against impacts from MHE, but also germs.


Our flexible barriers are up to 8X lighter than most of the competition. They’re also modular so can be palletised with ease! This offers you a significantly reduced freight price along with an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions.


We manufacture our flexible barrier systemown flexible barrier system in the UK along with a dedicated team. This enables us to easily and efficiently create bespoke barriers for specific customer requirements. Whether it be a need for a 15 foot barrier or an intricate pedestrian walkway system, we can cater to any needs.

 How do I enquire about flexible barriers?

To discuss your requirements and receive a full quote please contact us on info@rackarmour.com or call 01226 784 484 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.