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Rack Armour has been the chosen rack protector of the worlds biggest brands for well over 11 years now.
So why is Rack Armour so popular? What makes it different to the many other plastic racking protection products on the market? One main difference is the closed cell foam interior.

Why foam?
The foam inside a Rack Armour unit is what makes the product perform so well when a direct hit is registered. The foam is made up of a dense closed cell polyethylene which renders most large impacts ineffective, in turn reducing rack repair costs significantly.

Other plastic rack protectors on the market can’t utilise this combination which gives our product an obvious advantage. Without the foam, any plastic rack protector is simply only good for deflecting impacts away from the upright, at the end of the day the foam is key.

There are other racking protection products on the market which claim to have a similar, or in some cases, superior impact absorption rate. This simply is not true. In our experience HDPE plastic alone does not have the capacity to diffuse impact energy; it needs somewhere to disperse, such as the foam interior found in a Rack Armour guard.

Rack Armour is now sold in over 80 Countries and manufactured on three continents. If you would like to receive a free sample please do let us know through the contact us button found at the top right of this page.