Protect and save with our new Column Guard

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Rack Armour column guards provide 360º protection from accidental impact.

Our column guards offer a simple solution to a potentially serious risk. The unique design features structural support for increased strength and fork deflection.

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They surround the column with a cushion of air, which is released on impact and protects the vehicle, driver and column.

Rack Armour column guards are part of the many safety barrier and protector products offered by Rack Armour, designed and made available through a network of nationwide distributors for the optimum protection of people, and the environment they work in.

The column guards come in two sizes to make the product more flexible. The small guard fits a column at 100mm – 200mm, and the large fits a column 300mm – 500mm.

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Please note, this product is not available in the USA at the moment.

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