Impact Absorbing Safety Barriers From Rack Armour Ltd

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Whatever your warehouse deals with, be it FMCG, food distribution, Logistics, storage or anything else, a main problem is always damage to the pallet racking. This can occur for a number of reasons, all of which are hard to eradicate.

For many reasons, damage to pallet racking often goes unreported, resulting in increased risk everyday it is left, sometimes still carrying weight. If you consider that just a 3mm dent on an upright is enough to reduce its load capacity by 25%! It can be daunting!

Prevention is always the best cure! Of course it is hard to prevent drivers having ‘accidents’, but, preventing them from damaging the racking is much more simple.

Rack Armour’s range of safety barriers and pallet racking damage protection products are simply the best on the barriers rack armour

With End of aisle safety barriers and our upright protector, your mind can be at rest knowing they are under the best possible protection! Not to mention the less you will have to spend of repairs every year.

With FLT’s turning corners to go down aisles, it is a frequent problem that they clip the end legs resulting in damaged uprights, and often damaged products as a result. The Rack Armour End of aisle safety barriers are designed to be strong and flexible, enabling them to absorb impacts and prevent damage time and time again. The persistence of shape Safety Barriers Rack Armour and flexible characteristics of the plastic barrier are what an unforgiving metal barrier cannot provide. A metal barrier chips, damages concrete and dents all after one hit. Not with a plastic barrier.

With your end of aisles protected, and the well known Rack Armour on every upright, you can expect to see a massive decrease in your financial spend on racking repairs. Rack Armour upright protectors alone are proven to reduce racking damage by 80%!Safety Barriers Rack Armour

You may think this sounds expensive and too good to be true, but the facts are facts! a replacement upright and repair costs out way the cost of Rack Armour products substantially. With a Rack Armour effectively paying for itself after one single impact! A Rack Armour can take 8 impacts in the exact same spot before a scratch even appears on the upright! A simple, cost effective solution.

If you would like to know more about the Rack Armour Upright protectors and range of safety barriers, please click here to get in touch. Our friendly team are always happy to help.