Forklift Barriers Preventing Injuries At Work!

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Prevent injuries in your workplace with the trusted safety of Rack Armour warehouse and forklift Barriers!forklift barriers Rack Armour Ltd

An Essex haulage firm has been fined after an employee was struck by a forklift truck. Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court heard that an employee was working at Unico Services UK’s warehouse in Rayleigh. While he was standing taking parcels from a cage, he was struck by a load carried by a FLT. Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Jessica Donne said: “Every year, nationally, many serious and all too often fatal incidents take place involving forklift trucks.

The most substantial way to reduce a risk is by eliminating it or reducing it. the most effective way to do this is to prevent people coming into contact with the hazard. There is no better way to do this than the use of Barriers. In this case, warehouse or forklift barriers by Rack Armour Ltd.

Rack Armour can boast a wide range of warehouse and forklift barriers to prevent contact with hazards that meet and suit the needs of your warehouse. With a range of functionalforklift barriers Rack Armour Ltd barriers available which are all individually suited to different roles, we can provide the prevention to your risks.

In the case above, our double rail pedestrian barrier could have supplied a high visibility defense to the area the pedestrian was working in. The range of flex and absorption our forklift barriers offer would not allow the forklift to endanger the life of any worker.

We also offer barriers specific for protecting the end of pallet racking aisles, picking aisles, walls or structures and a full range of pedestrian barriers.

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