How Can The Floor Rail Barrier Help You?

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The Rack Armour barrier range is not just focused on end of aisle protection. Our Floor Rail Barrier has been designed as a multi-purpose barrier, great for warehouse protection.

The Floor Rail Barrier is ideal Floor Rail Barrier
for protecting picking areas where mechanical handling equipment is in frequent use.

Floor Rail Protection can be a great cost effective solution to warehouse damage. As well as being great in picking areas, the Floor Rail Barrier is a great protection aid for the back of racking bays which are often damaged when pallets are being inserted.

Bespoke to your barrier needs, the Floor Rail Barrier is available at any length with individual units being made up to 6 metres long.

Like all Rack Armour products, the Floor Rail Barrier is tough and resilient to impacts as the durable HDPE material takes multiple hits whilst returning to its original shape. The high visibility colour of the Floor Rail Barrier in the first instance aims to detract people from hitting it and allowing them to understand their safe working limits.

Why not have a look at all of our barrier range? Click here to check out all the benefits of our barriers. We understand not all warehouses have the same needs. We make sure you have all the information to protect your warehouse in the best possible way.

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A Safe Working Environment With Rack Armour Barriers