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With pallet racking protection an ever growing market, there is a number of different products for the warehouse manager to choose, But only one can offer the full package of protection. The Rack Armour upright protector.

When pallet racking owners approach Rack Armour after trying other products on the market they almost expect to be replacing the protector on a fairly frequent basis. This is not the case with the Rack Armour upright protector. Guards that were purchased over 10 years ago when we first arrived on the scene are still protecting racking today, they may have lost some of their shine as they take the hits but the cost effective benefits are for everyone to see.

It’s tight fit to the uprights enables the Rack Armour Upright Protection to stay on the racking when placing and retrieving pallets, with no fixtures or fittings it cannot be caught and dragged off, unlike many other guards.

Having no fixtures to the floor also means energy doesn’t transfer to the concrete, causing it to rupture. The Rack Armour upright protector works as a dual system defence. The hard shell exterior is made of ballistics grade polymer. This material and its shape prevent impacts from causing damage. The foam interior cushions any impacts from causing damage, simply absorbing the energy.

Available in three different sizes, the Rack Armour upright protector can fit all makes and models of pallet racking.