Don’t let pedestrian segregation be a barrier to safety.

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Pedestrian segregation

Separating machinery, stock, pallet racking and other expensive items from potentially dangerous Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) is vastly important for most businesses. But what is even more important is the segregation of staff, visitors and pedestrians from a potentially life threatening impact from MHE.

That’s why Rack Armour has developed a state of the art barrier system made from high impact resistant HDPE, that can take multiple impacts from MHE, and also segregate and define a clear, simple walk way for users.

We’ve devised a number of variants to our pedestrian barrier system to cater for any requirements. These include additional bumpers for high risk impact areas and a simple cost effective 3 rail system aimed to give pedestrian segregation and define a simple path within a safe area.

For more information on our barrier range and of course our pedestrian segregation range, please click here.