BOSE Choose Rack Armour…. Again

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Rack Armour chosen again

BOSE are known globally as the leader in specialist audio equipment, so naturally they would use the global leaders in Rack Armour chosen by BOSEracking protection to look after their pallet racking. BOSE have been installing Rack Armour onto their sites globally for around 4 years now, most recently on a number of sites throughout the US.

The biggest influence in BOSE choosing Rack Armour wasn’t just that it can take impacts, it was also down to the minimal amount of maintenance needed on the product. “Before we had to repair and re-paint often, now the only thing we do is clean the new guards with a piece of cloth every week! Awesome product!” Rocio Ibarra Zazueta – BOSE

Rack Armour has a number of benefits which has seen it become the most popular next generation protector on the market today, here are just a few:

Colour/Detection: Rack Armours colour is of immense importance, it creates a focal point for drivers of mechanical handling equipment and gives them a definitive indicator of their safe working limitations. Rack Armour comes as a standard hi-visibility yellow, but is also available in a green and red colours for one way systems or to highlight fire equipment and first aid areas.

Tough Outer Shell: Rack Armours outer shell is made from an exceptionally resilient and hard wearing plastic designed to take high velocity impacts. The shape of the shell was designed to repel and deflect impacts away from the upright, in turn reducing damage significantly.

Ease of installation: Thanks to Rack Armour’s unique shape, the guard can easily be installed by hand on any racking type, this enables Rack Armour to be fitted in seconds without the use of power tools and drilling needless holes into your warehouse floor. Rack Armour is also the first and only plastic protector product on the market that’s fitted by hand which doesn’t disengage the racking from everyday pallet retrieval operations. This is something that sets us apart from any other product on the market today.

In good company…

BOSE isn’t the only Blue Chip company to continue to install Rack Armour on various sites, the likes of Wal-Mart, IKEA, ALDI, ASDA, Superdrug, DHL and many more.

If you’re interested in installing Rack Armour and seriously reducing your racking damage please click here for a free sample.