A Safe Working Environment With Rack Armour Barriers

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The Rack Armour Barrier Range… helping to create a safe working environment!

Rack Armour are delighted to introduce our new barrier range! These have been designed to offer you a safe working environment within your warehouse.

After receiving a number of requests for end of aisle protection to match our success with the worldwide selling Rack Armour, we thought it was an obvious move. The Barrier range matches the same ethos as the Rack Armour upright protector: to create a safe working environment within a warehouse.

Compared to other barriers on the market, Rack Armour barriers are a more cost effective solution, especially when compared to metal barrier systems which have no flexibility or persistence of shape, resulting in damaged floors and damaged trucks. These are features which have made the upright protector a stand out product and will be matched to the same effect with our barriers.A Safe Working Environment With Rack Armour Barriers

The barriers are made from the same ballistics HDPE plastic to create a tough resilient form of protection against end of aisle damage which is often a vulnerable area within a warehouse. Combined with the matching high visibility colour of our upright protector, we are certain our barriers are the perfect solution to provide your staff with a safe warehouse with reduced fear of damage and collapse.

Our range consists of 5 barriers, all with their own specific advantage.

  1.  The Single Rail Barrier is our all rounder. Strong and resilient but tall enough to be seen easily.
  2. The Double Rail Barrier is a stand out eye catcher, giving your FLT drivers a strong indicator.
  3. The Low Level Barrier is all about pure strength. If you’re expecting a number of hits regardless of its stand out colour, this is what you’ll need.
  4. The Floor Rail Barrier is a less intrusive barrier designed to prevent the small scuffs and knocks from MHE.
  5. Finally, our Caterpillar Barrier is a bespoke adaptation to the Low Level Barrier but available at any length to suit your needs.

For a more in depth look at each of our barriers follow the link to our barrier specific page! Rack Armour barriers

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